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Amè new single "Back Up"


Amè new single "Back Up" is a sultry Afro-pop record that will immediately draw you in. Back Up has been formulated and produced by Xavier Hayes and mixed by Jermiah Adkins. In this song, Amè is describing how her love would feel and how much she wants to love on her lover. Back-Up is a song about a woman loving on her image and dancing to the rhythm of the beat. Ame makes a song for the ladies to turn up and whine their bodies on the dance floor. As many of us, we love when music can make us lose ourselves through dance. However, most importantly she exudes seduction through this song. Play this track and for sure you will feel sexy and maybe the opposites will attract. 

Rapper lish2x drops new music video for baking soda


Lish 2X an independent Hip-hop / Pop Star, Web series producer/ personality, and published model. The New Female Rap Phenomenon! Hip-hop fans are craving something different, and Lish 2X is it! Bringing a unique flavor to entertainment, The Fashion Institute of Technology alumni infuses fashion by mixing bars about the art world, style, and hip-hop. Visually translating the three in her new music videos shows no skin but layers of creativity and positivity. 

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